Main Topics 2016 - Industry meets Science

Main topics - PARTEC

The theme in 2016 was "Industry meets Science". The following subjects were discussed in the international context:

  • (Nano)-Structured Materials
    Formation and synthesis of particles ingas and liquid phases + Structuring of aggregates, granules, crystals, precipitates, aerosols + Characterization of particles (shape, size,pores, strength, rheology, etc.)

  • Interface Controlled Processes
    Control of agglomeration, granulation, comminution, etc. + Modification/structuring/coating of surfaces + Characterization of surface modifications

  • Applications of Particle Technology
    Manufacturing of particles for chemicals, electronics, pigments, etc.+ Economics of product development + Powder based Laser Sintering

  • Particles and Energy
    Particles for batteries, biorefineries + Formation of particulate materials for energy processes + Structure and performance

  • Modelling and Simulation
    CFD, DEM, population dynamics, Lattice-Boltzmann etc. methods for particulateprocesses + Process evaluation with simulation + Simulation of multiphase flows, surfaceproperties, interaction behavior etc.

  • Life & Food Science
    Particles in food and biological processes (particulate food ingredients, algae, etc.) + Biological behavior and structural properties

  • Particles in Contact and Processing
    Contact mechanics of particle interaction (adhesion, cohesion) + Processing and modification of particles + Characterization of contact properties

  • Particles from Renewable Materials
    Recycling of particulate products + Methods for particle recovering (attrition, classification, etc.)

  • Pharmaceutical Particles
    Particle structure and pharmaceutical functionality + Effects on health, environment, etc.