Main Topics 2019 - Industry meets Science

Main topics - PARTEC

PARTEC welcomes contributions from researchers in universities, industrial companies and other research organizations. Industry specific and also joined research proposals between industry and research organizations are appreciated. Contributions covering all aspects of particle science and applications are welcome.
Subjects of interest can include:

(Nano)-Structured Materials

  • Formation and synthesis of particles in gas and liquid phases
  • Structuring of aggregates, granules, crystals, precipitates, aerosols
  • Characterization of particles (shape, size, pores, strength, rheology…)

Interface Controlled Processes

  • Control of agglomeration, granulation, comminution…
  • Modification / structuring / coating of surfaces
  • Characterization of surface modifications

Applications of Particle Technology

  • Manufacturing of particles for chemicals, electronics, pigments …
  • Economics of product development

Particles and Energy

  • Particles for batteries, biorefineries
  • Formation of particulate materials for energy processes
  • Structure and performance

Modelling and Simulation

  • CFD, DEM, population dynamics, Lattice-Boltzmann etc. methods for particulate processes
  • Process evaluation with simulation
  • Simulation of multiphase flows, surface properties, interaction behavior etc.

Life & Food Science

  • Particles in food and biological processes (particulate food ingredients, algae…)
  • Biological behavior and structural properties

Particles in Contact and Processing

  • Contact mechanics of particle interaction (adhesion, cohesion)
  • Processing and modification of particles
  • Characterization of contact properties

Particles from Renewable Materials

  • Recycling of particulate products
  • Methods for particle recovering (attrition, classification…)

Pharmaceutical Particles

  • Particle structure and pharmaceutical functionality
  • Effects on health, environment…