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Chair and committees of PARTEC

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Lutz Mädler
PARTEC 2025, as one of the largest international gatherings for particle and powder technology, is a conference that brings together academia and industry. The synergy effects created here are unique and offer opportunities for intensive discussions and knowledge transfer.
I cordially invite you from all parts of the world. Join us in Nuremberg for PARTEC 2025, where together we will push the boundaries of particle technology, drive progress and contribute to innovations that will shape a global future.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Lutz Mädler, Director of the Leibniz Institute for Process Engineering in Bremen, Germany and Chairman of PARTEC 2025.

Executive Committee

  • Ghadiri, M. – University of Leeds, GBR
  • Heinrich, S. – Hamburg University of Technology, DEU 
  • Kleine Jäger, F. – BASF SE, DEU
  • Kwade, A. – TU Braunschweig, DEU
  • Mädler, L. – University of Bremen, DEU
  • Nirschl, H. – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DEU
  • Peuker, U. – TU Bergakademie Freiberg, DEU
  • Pirker, S. – University Linz, AUT 
  • Schilde, C. – TU Braunschweig, DEU
  • Segets, D. – University Duisburg Essen, DEU

Scientific Committee

  • Antonyuk, S. – RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau, DEU
  • Arastoopour, H. – Illinois Tech (IIT), USA
  • Braun, M. – Ansys Germany GmbH, DEU
  • Breitkreutz, J. – Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf, DEU
  • Butt, H.-J. – MPIP Mainz, DEU
  • Chaouki, J. – Polytechnique Montréal, CAN
  • Coppens, M.-O. – University College London UCL, GBR
  • Dave, R.-N. – NJIT, USA
  • Fan, L.-S. – The Ohio State University, USA
  • Först, P. – TU Munich, DEU
  • Fritsching, U. – University of Bremen, DEU
  • Frye, L. – Bayer AG, DEU
  • Fuji, M. – NITech, JPN
  • Garnweitner, G. – TU Braunschweig, DEU
  • Herrmann, H. J. – ESPCI Paris, FRA

  • Juhnke M. – F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, CHE
  • Kind, M. – KIT, DEU
  • Klupp-Taylor, R. – FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, DEU
  • Kraus, T. – INM – Leibniz, DEU
  • Kuipers, J.A.M. – TU Eindhoven, NLD
  • Lenz, J. – Novartis Pharma AG, CHE
  • Li, J. – Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), CHN
  • Luding, S. – University of Twente, NLD
  • Matsusaka, S. – University of Kyoto, JPN
  • Meesters, G.M.H. – TU Delft, NLD
  • Mühlenweg, H. – Evonik Operations GmbH, DEU
  • Muzzio, F. J. – Rutgers University, USA
  • Naito, M. – Osaka Metropolitan Unviersity, JPN
  • Nakamura, H. – Osaka Metropolitan University, JPN
  • Palzer, S. – Nestlé, CHE
  • Peglow, M. – IPT-Pergande GmbH, DEU
  • Peukert, W. – FAU Erlangen, DEU
  • Prastinis, S. – ETH Zürich, CHE
  • Pui, D.Y.H. – University of Minnesota, USA
  • Riebel, U. – BTU Cottbus, DEU
  • Salman, A.D. – University of Sheffield, GBR
  • Satoru, W. – Osaka Metropolitan University, JPN
  • Scherließ, R. – Kiel University (CAU), DEU
  • Schmidt, E. – University of Wuppertal, DEU
  • Schneider, H. – Zeppelin Systems GmbH, DEU
  • Seville, J.P.K. – University of Birmingham, GBR
  • Smith, R. – The University of Sheffield, GBR
  • Teipel, U. – TH Nürnberg & University of Ulm, DEU
  • Tsotsas, E. – OvGU Magdeburg, DEU
  • van Ommen, J.R. – TU Delft, NLD
  • Vogel, N. – FAU Erlangen, DEU
  • Walter, J. – FAU Erlangen, DEU
  • Weber, A.D. – TU Clausthal, DEU
  • Weimer, A.W. – University of Colorado, USA
  • Weinekötter, R. – Gericke AG, CHE
  • Witt, W. – Sympatec GmbH, DEU
  • Wollny, M. – Merck KGaA, DEU
  • Yu, A. – Monash University, AUS
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