Welcome Address 2016

PARTEC has become established as one of the major scientific events in particle and powder technology in the last decades. It is an international forum for research and development for all aspects of particle technology. All key issues will be discussed in different, parallel sessions.

It is a long tradition that PARTEC takes place at the same time as POWTECH at NuernbergMesse. Accordingly, it is the purpose of PARTEC 2016 to combine industrial challenges with academic knowledge and methods.

Although there are already successful cooperations between industry and science, there is still a significant gap between the scientific and the industrial world. For the industry the academic institutions can help to find new solutions to current challenges, for the academic institutions it is important to know and to understand the industrial point of view and occurring problems.

Therefore PARTEC 2016 not only invites fundamental researchers to present their scientific results and newly developed methods, but also the industry to share their solutions to practical problems and discuss the remaining questions.

With the benefits of increasing multidisciplinarity and cooperation we can accept the huge challenge to jointly find new solutions for products in the fast-growing and innovative market of particle technology. For these reasons the major topic of the next PARTEC in 2016 is ‘Industry meets Science’.

I would therefore like to invite the academic world and the representatives from the industry to take part in this important event. I look forward to meeting you at PARTEC 2016!

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Nirschl Portrait

Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering and Mechanics
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Signature Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Nirschl