PARTEC - International Congress on Particle Technology

PARTEC is one of the largest international conferences devoted to all aspects of particle and powder technology, including particle formation processes, particle characterisation and measurement methods and equipment, processes such as agglomeration, compaction and coating, formulation and performance of products, and applications of particles of any kind.

PARTEC will take place simultaneously with POWTECH at NürnbergMesse. This joint venture will present the largest display of process and handling equipment along with a unique opportunity for everyone attending to be part of in-depth discussions, scientific presentations for particle processes, new applications, and know-how.

The theme of the next PARTEC in 2016 is “Industry meets Science”. The following subjects will be discussed in the international context:
  • Interface Controlled Process
  • Particles and Energy
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • (Nano)-structured Materials
  • Granulation
  • Life Sciences and Food Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical Particles
  • Renewable and raw material processing

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